City Tours Morocco

Morocco imperial cities

Wandering around the famous cities in Morocco; from aromatic smells to the best souks and trading market in africa. take a walk and discover the historical sites of this fantsatic country; this will be a journey beyond imagination

moroccan wonders

Go back in time and learn about the fascinating history of marrakech, fes, rabat and casablanca; the most exotic old cities in all africa, discover a unique life style folowing the rythm of music and handcrafts.

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camp and bleu pearl

Good mixt of autenticity, modernity and traditions to have a glimps of every amazing corner in Morocco.
started with the bleu pearl "Chefchaoun" then the oldest of all the cities in Morocco "Fes". And finally the famous african bigest desert in the world in "Merzouga".

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deep south of morocco

A special tour for the desert lover; spend two night in desert camp to learn all about the sahara sensation. riding camels and driving a quad bike on Morocco highest sand dunes at day time, and listening to african music around fire at night surounding by a sky full of stars 

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