Welcome to Atlas Journey 

Born and raised in the heart of the atlas mountains; i have been traveling around te headen trails of Morocco where is hiding one of the fascinating and magical cultures. Various and old history that go back in time, giving you a real amusement while discovering the landscapes of this Berber country.

Pure civilization of imazighen ( free people) that provides a new way to live as one family, to welcome people every time with a glass of berber mint tea. refresh your mind and start  discovering all the hiden wonders. You’ll be shaking hands with local people, the moroccans, share with them food, music and happiness.


Welcome to family. 

loyal to my clients, with more than 15 years working in tourism industry, i make sure to be more than a guide and share all my knowledge. i'm Ibrahim, Atlas journey, i will lead you to the best discovery of your life, to infinity of amusement. The beauty of morocco will be in your hands.

Choose your destination all over Morocco and i will fit a trip according to your desire. 
It doesn’t matter where you will go, trekking and adventure, or looking for luxury and relaxing vacation, being alone or with your family; Your journey with us will be engraved in your memory.

Most Popular Treks

Dive in one of the unique countries where a beautiful mixt of traditions and languages give an authentic and unforgettable journey.two sides of morocco will be in your hand show you the most possible of this warm and happy society.

4 Days Discovring Berber Life

Go deep in the atlas mountains and discover the daily life of a moroccan berber families while crossing and walking trought many berber villages

fast paced trip to cover the best possible of the moroccan south side; or the african side. you will be visiting unesco world heritage, you will ride camels and see two of the biggest canyons in africa and the biggest sahara dunes in north africa

Why Book With Us

For many years i learned about what people are interested in, and thats exactly why i focus more about adventure and learning trips. 

By booking with us you are using 100% local services ( local and professional team of drivers, guides, cooks...) wich means that you are giving back, helping and supporting the comunity you are visiting.

Envirenemnt protection is our priority  and we strive to make our busnisse a way of changing the way of seeing nature and animals that we use on our trips. for that we have a collaboration with many associations of environement and animal protection like SPANA...

There is a many international companies that will offer similar but not the same trip. and probably after booking with tem you will be directed to a local companie just like mine. so get some money back in your wallet and book directly with the locals.